Atlas Traditional Roof Lanterns – Bring Nature Back Into The Home

Traditional Roof Lanterns Are Back In The Market

When the light begins to fade and the night draws closer, entertaining friends and family indoors by using Atlas traditional roof lanterns can still be a reality. As we enter the summer season and the days grow longer, now is the perfect time to make use of the longer sunlight. Whether it be the family home or busy office space, people are more energised and productive, living in bright conditions. This positive effect can be achieved by installing roof lanterns and roof lights because they can easily illuminate an area creating an illusion of a more spacious and clean environment. A small dark low ceiling area that is then exposed to natural sunlight, can appear larger in dimensions.

The History Of Skylights

Both a strong visual structure both externally and internally, roof lanterns and rooflights throughout history have been used as a natural source of light. During the Victorian Era was when these products first began products, as they were a solution to a common problem, especially in occupations that were carried out in dark conditions such as making sheet-metal. The Victorians manufactured and created solid metal frames, that were slotted into the roof, creating skylights to illuminate dark staircases in an enclosed terraced house where windows could not reach. These Atlas traditional roof lanterns were often portrayed as eye-catching architectural structures.

Atlas traditional roof lanterns

Carbon Benefits Of Skpods

Not only used in Victorian Era, Roof lanterns and rooflights have stood the test of time, as they continue to appear in the market today, most notably in new build houses that undertake refurbishment construction. However, we advancements in window glazing, sealing methods and overall construction intelligence, has gone an extremely long way in improving statistics like thermal performance. This is because the use of electrical lighting is vastly reduced.  


Atlas traditional roof lanterns are often seen and portrayed as the focal point of any living area, as it is used positioned in the centre of the room, defining and shaping the atmosphere of that space. We recommend installing a roof lantern above either a kitchen island over a flat roof, bringing nature into the home or installing a rooflight in the attic,  adding natural light to this dark converted space. These sky windows are back in the market and will continue to have purpose and longevity, as no other design structure will cloak your room with natural sunlight, combing both the indoor and outdoor experience.

The Best Rooms To Install A Roof Lantern


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#1 Industrial Dining Tables & Industrial Coffee Tables On The Net

The Perfect Industrial Dining Tables To Buy

Picking out the best Industrial Dining TableS and Industrial COffee Tables can all but seem like an impossible task. What size does it need to be? Is your room separate away from the house or is it an open plan? Do you require additional space around the table? Unique Industrial Dining TableS are vital pieces of furniture for any home, hence they do not come cheap so it’s important to get the table right. Here at aquariumtropicanam, we have constructed a helpful guide to ensure you find the correct dining table for you. We also have little tips when it comes to buying Industrial COffee Tables towards the end of the blog look out for that!

Industrial Dining Tables

What size should I choose?

The best place to start is to think hard about the size and shape if the dining room or space you wish to occupy and how many people will be seating. As a rough indicator, a square table that measures 90x90cm will easily fit up to 4 people, for 6 people use Industrial Dining TableS that are 90x150cm. A useful trick is to create a template out of tape to get a vague idea. Also remember you will require about 60x90cm from the edge of the table to the nearest wall, so people can walk behind people already seating. Ensuring there is enough room for guests to be comfortable in the environment is paramount.

Choosing the right table for your space

An important issue when considering the perfect dining table is the shape of the space of the room. As a rule of thumb, oval tables and rectangular shapes work best in squared locations, whereas a square or round tables are better suited for rectangular spaces.

Using an extending table for further optimisation

If you want a large dining table for special occasions but not for normal day to day life, think about choosing a dining table that comes with an expandable retracting leaf. This table offers the best of both worlds and accommodates for any situation. For the normal living, the table can be collapsed down to a smaller form, but the option of the extended leaf means the table can grow up to 3 times in size. Another versatile dining table is the round style, as it is easily slotted into most shaped or size dining rooms. The shape helps to create a sense of intimacy as people are bound closely together. With no sharp corners, it can house and sit as many people as possible.

Industrial Coffee Tables For The Perfect Home

People think that Industrial COffee Tables are just furniture to place TV remotes or a place to put down coffee cups or resting your legs. But a small coffee table has much more potential. It might not be a large unit, but its achievable space is surprising and can create a much needed focal point to the room.

Industrial Coffee Tables

Make it practical

Industrial COffee Tables is a hub to encourage social activity and family togetherness. Begin by looking for a coffee table with an open focus on functionally, perhaps look to see if it has a lower shelf with storage space or handy drawers to store remotes, coasters, glasses and every day other essentials.

Make it personal

Place objects on your coffee table that inspires a story about your passions or recent memories. A sash of sea shells collected from a heartwarming family trip, or candlesticks and roses have taken from your own tended garden, can be an amazing way to spice up the atmosphere with your own personal touch. As for the main living room focal point, Industrial COffee Tables can greatly showcase different seasonal elements, for example using oak wood can add a nature atmosphere or constructing the coffee table from industrial elements can help yours from feeling rustic and imperial.

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