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This site will tell you how to set up an aquarium, how to care for your fish, how to maintain your fish tank, information on different fish diseases, accessories for your tank, information on some different species of fish, information on plants, a forum to post your aquarium related problems.

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My Juwel Aquarium - Vision 180 Bow Front Aquarium
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There is also a useful table in the Setting up an Aquarium section to help you calculate how much water your tank holds



Juwel tank contains the following:-

This site was last updated 24-07-04


  • Juwel Vision 180, 180 litres in beach.
  • Built in Juwel compact filter system.
  • Heater hidden in filter compartment.
  • Juwel lighting system consisting of 2 X 25Watt bulbs.
  Amount / Size / Fish

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  • 4 X 6" Gold Sevrums
  • 4 X 2" Green Barbs
  • 8 X 2" to 9" Clown Loach
  • 1 X 5" Pink Kissing Gourami
  • 1 X 6" Red Tailed Black Shark
  • 1 X 8" Tin Foil Barb
  • 1 X 4" Blue Gourami
  • 1 X 2" Bronze Corydora
  • 2 X 2" Pleco
  • 1 X 2" Golden Nugget Pleco


  • 8 Amazon Swords
Different sizes

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  • 2 X Greek ruins.
  • 1 X Resin white rock.
  • Numerous Large white stones.


  • White aquarium gravel.

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